Upcycling Service for Interior Designers

If you’re an interior designer whose client requires a little upcycling magic for their furniture, you’re in the right place. Your client may have a piece that they already love but won’t match the new scheme. Rather than go through the hassle of selling it, donating a beloved piece of furniture, or worse, dropping it off at the tip, let’s give it a new lease of life together.


Maybe you’re working on an airbnb project and need furniture that is going to make the property stand out in an already crowded market? Let’s collab.

I also love to work on commercial projects. There are so many fabulous independent coffee shops, restaurants and even salons whose interior needs to match their excellent level of service. We can work on a piece that is going to make their customers say ‘wow’, make a fab first impression and in turn, spread the word about the business.

You can hire me to give their existing piece a new lease of life. My studio is based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham and is of adequate size to upcycle and accommodate most sizes of furniture - everything from night stands to Welsh dressers. Between us, we will discuss your client’s requirements, budget and design ideas and create something that they will treasure for many more years to come. 

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