Pop-Up Private Creative Workshops

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Private Pop Up Art and Craft Workshops in Birmingham, Worcester and The Cotswolds

At Melissa Monica Design, I’m passionate about inspiring creativity, and bringing people together through art-based workshops. 

My creative workshops offer a unique opportunity for companies and buildings with tenants to engage their teams or residents in a fun and educational experience.

  What I Offer

Customised Workshops
I tailor the workshops to suit the needs and preferences of your company or community. Whether you're looking for team-building activities, educational sessions, or simply a fun and interactive experience, I’ve got you covered. 

Guided and Hands-on Instruction
 I’ll instruct and guide participants through each step of the process, providing hands-on demonstrations, tips, and personalised assistance to ensure everyone feels confident and empowered to unleash their creativity. 

Flexible Formats
Choose from a variety of workshop formats, including single-session events, lunchtime sessions, or after-work gatherings. I’ll work closely with you to schedule workshops at convenient times and locations that fit seamlessly into your organisation's or building's calendar. 

Materials and Equipment
I provide all the necessary materials and equipment for the workshops. Participants only need to bring their enthusiasm and willingness to get creative! Oh and sensible shoes, please! 

Engaging Themes and Projects
All of the workshops I host are art and craft based but suitable for all levels. I don’t believe that being creative should have high barriers to entry - the idea is to be relaxed and enjoy the experience. 
My favourite and most frequent comment from participants is that they’re surprised by what they’ve produced because they don’t consider themselves ‘artsy’. 

Benefits of My Creative Workshops

Team Building
My workshops promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration as participants let their creativity loose. Doing an activity that's different to work job with no pressure or deadlines, just a mandate to relax, is very refreshing and can often spark creativity in other areas of our lives.

Creativity and Innovation
Encourage out-of-the-box thinking and innovation as participants unleash their creativity and explore different techniques, crafts and ideas.

Employee or Tenant Satisfaction
Boost morale and foster a sense of pride and accomplishment among employees or building residents as they see their creative efforts come to life.

Get Started

Ready to host a memorable and meaningful creative workshop for your company or community? Get in touch today to discuss your workshop needs, schedule availability, and pricing options. Let's embark on a journey of creativity, and community together!