In one way or another, I've found myself being creative over the years but as soon as I started to work on furniture, I knew that I'd found a long term passion. 

I have pieces all over the world from Europe, right the way over to Tennessee. Being able to add something truly unique to someone's space is a privilege and I never get bored of thinking up new designs. 

I love maximalism and try to find interesting ways to interpret it and work it into my own style. Bold colours, leopard print and brass and gold details are a part of my signature vibe.

I adore upcycling second hand furniture because it's built to last. Doing our part for the circular economy and being able to do it in such a fun and creative way is one of my favourite things about what I do. 

If you're after an upcycled piece of furniture and live in or near Birmingham, I'm happy for you to pick up from my studio in the Jewellery Quarter. Alternatively, delivery can be arranged both locally and nationally.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you leave inspired and maybe even with a new piece or two for your home!



Melissa xo 

Melissa sitting in a mustard velvet armchair